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WordPress Care Plans UK

WordPress Care Plans and Hosting Packages from £27.99/Month

Care Plans With A Big Focus On Security & Secure Cloud Backups That Always Work!

All plans include managed WordPress website hosting!

We’ve designed our WordPress Care Plans to be affordable and effective. We take the burden of WordPress maintenance away by managing the upkeep of your site for you. With our plans, you get everything you need for your website to be running smoothly, including premium plugins. We can also help set up google analytics at your request. 

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Please Note

If you want us to host your website, we will need to migrate it from your current host. Another thing to consider when going with our hosting is that we do not host email accounts on our server. If you already have a business email (e.g., then you will need to keep it hosted with your current host or select G Suite Business email, and we can set it up again on Google's business email service.

Need a new website or redesign?

WordPress malware removal & fix

Our 5 Star Reviews

Paul D
Paul D
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Great service from you guys even when I had to switch domain due to issues with a company that had gone under you where prompt and honest about what I could do and how to carry on so pepole could find we I will continue to recommend you and look forward to working with you for many more years many thanks paul Dixon from clear view of Silverton
Kate B
Kate B
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Gavin's support of the Bedford Park Society's website is exceptional. He's responsive, creative and patient! He takes time to explain everything to help us overcome problems and be more self sufficient. Highly recommended.
Callum S
Callum S
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Must say Gav done a excellent job. He has made my website quicker as asked, even edited a few other bits for me. Fantastic support as had one hiccup regarding my email, he answered my support ticket within 10 minutes. It was all sorted within 20 minutes. I so far would defiantly recommend Gav so far for a hassle free website.
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Fantastic service. Made it easy to go from no website to a great website. Very quick at responding to requests and went the extra mile to make me happy and my website better.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payments via a service called Stripe. This enables us to take debit and credit card payments. As a customer, you can also choose to save your card details so that your billing each month is automated and minimises any interruptions to service.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for charities and a 20% discount for multiple sites (more than two websites)
If you fit one of the above, please get in touch before ordering so we can set up your discount.

Does it matter what hosting i use?

We can provide a WordPress care plan to anyone regardless of their hosting provider. We understand that everyone has their own specific needs and budgets. If you would like to upgrade your hosting however then our plans do come with hosting included. The benefit in hosting with us is that we have better control of your site when it comes to updates and fixes along with better performance and free SSL certificates.

How long will my WordPress care plan take to implement?

After you sign up, we generally have website care plans up and running within 24-48 hours (usualy within a couple of hours if you already have hosting). With all the features of the care plan from regular cloud backups to security monitoring monthly client reports and more. We will guide you through the process and keep in touch, so you know what is happening.

Do you manage WooCommerce websites?

Yes, we do, however, websites with advanced functionality like Woocommerce will require our premium WordPress care plan. It requires more resources to run smoothly and be kept secure and backed up properly. As a result, we need to ensure we dedicate the right resources to your site via the right WordPress website care plan.

Am i locked into a contract?

No. We do not lock you into any contract or hold your to ransom over your website as other services do. You can cancel at any time and have full control of your plan. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel when you choose.

What are your support hours?

Our general support hours are 9 am – 5 pm GMT Mon -Fri. We do, however, answer support requests outside of these hours and will do our best to respond within 2 hours if not the same day. In an emergency outside of these hours like a site outage, you can contact us directly for support.

What happens if my site breaks or i need support?

You can log in into your account with us and submit a support ticket. This support ticket then goes into our system, which we are also immediately alerted to, and we will respond as promptly as possible to help you with your query.

WordPress Care Plans

We All Love Free!

Free setup for migrating an existing WordPress website or for setting up ongoing WordPress maintenance only care plan.
*Free SSL certificates are solely given to sites we host on our server.

The setup fee is a one-off payment required when you choose to have a new WordPress website created in addition to a website care plan.

Setup fees cover the initial work creating your website. From installing performance and security plugins and setting up your monthly maintenance report. If you already have a WordPress website, there is no setup fee, and migration is free!

Are you looking for a custom-designed site? We can do that too from £300!

Plan Features in More Detail

Your Website Will Be Managed For You 24/7​

WordPress Core Updates Including Plugins & Themes

Peace of mind that your website software is always up to date. We will continuously monitor, manage and deploy WordPress software updates, the plugins and themes.

Updates to these are submitted regularly by the developers to improve performance, fix bugs or security issues. These things must be managed and updated periodically to ensure your WordPress website is secure and running smoothly.

We not only keep you updated, but we manage the compatibility of updates and the drama that can, at times, unfold when an update breaks something else. We will test and manage this for you and can instantly restore your site from a backup if the worst does happen. Let us take care of all the WordPress core plugin updates while you get on with your job.

Daily Or Real Time Cloud Backup of Database & Site Files

We take cloud backups of your websites database, content, pages and structure daily. The backups are sent to a separate server for security and reliability, allowing us to have one-click restore in the event anything does happen like a hacked site.

Real-Time backups Our real-time backups are very smart and efficient! We take a daily backup but then record any changes to your site throughout that day. If for some reason your website is hacked or has a technical issue, then we have all the most recent details and changes to your site and can restore your site with the absolute minimum of loss if not 0 loss to data or orders.

365 Day Backup Archive

In addition to our daily cloud backups, we also hold a 365-day backup archive. This is especially useful if you have made several changes on your site over time but then want to restore an old version of your website.

With our 365 day archives, we can restore your site to its previous state on any given day within those 365 days.

24/7 Security Monitoring, Malware Scanning & Firewall

A big focus for our service is security and proper backups we keep your website secure 24/7. With our own antivirus, malware scanner, firewall and login security your site is safe with us! We block rogue login attempts, and spam IP’s trying to hack in. We scan files, folders and plugins for bad code and URLs and code injections.

Responsive Expert Priority Support

We do our very best to ensure our priority support meets your needs, with excellent response times. We try not to talk the jargon and instead give give customer service in layman’s terms. We will always try to help in any way we can after all your happiness is our happiness.

Website Content Management

Simply submit a support ticket with your required changes and we will sort it for you!

Website content management is small website edits like:

  • Adding, removing or editing website text that you supply.
  • Adding, removing or editing website images that you provide.
  • Adding a page and content you provide.
  • Changing a contact form
  • Or other similar small changes.

If you require more significant edits like a theme change or bigger site overhaul, then this will be charged at our hourly rate. If you have questions about your specific site edit or change needs, please get in touch to discuss this with us.

Detailed Monthly Site Audit Report

Each month we send out a client report to all customers on our WordPress Plans. This report keeps you in touch with what is happening with your site. It will inform you about:

  • When your backups were taken.
  • When and what plugin updates were done.
  • When your core WordPress software was updated.
  • Your overall site security
  • Firewall log and details
  • *Your Uptime over the month.
  • *Your website’s performance.
And much more.

*Plan dependent

Free Hosting With Us

WordPress Hosting that won't leave you in the dark.

You may already have a host you are happy with, and that's not a problem. We can still provide you with our maintenance services. If however, you wish for us to host your site you will be pleasantly surprised. ThriveWP likes to take a different approach; we won't dump you on an oversubscribed server. We also don't expect you to deal with all the technical hosting stuff. ThriveWP's website care plans will never give you server space alone. Our hosting is fully managed; this means we will deal with the technical aspects of both your website and hosting while you focus on your business. From small tasks to design services and eCommerce websites, we cover it all. Free hosting is available on all our plans.

G Suite Business Email

Ensuring your email is delivered to your customer's inbox and not their junk or spam box is no easy feat. This is why we use and recommend Google's world-class business email service. G Suite is essentially Gmail for business. We don't host email on our servers so if you require a business email address please select G Suite business email at checkout and we will do the technical bit for you.

*Free Secure SSL Certificate

SSL gives a secure https connection to your site, which is now an important ranking factor for Google. *Certificates are only offered to websites we host on our server.

*Free WordPress Malware Removal

Our service always takes a proactive approach to website management, with all our measures, your site shouldn't get hacked. That said there is never a 100% guarantee in technology.

If in the unlikely event your site does get hacked, we will clean it up and fix the issue for free.
Free hack cleanup is only for those already on a plan before the hack happening. If your not on a plan, hack cleanups cost £180

Speed Optimisation

We will do some work on the backend of your website to improve the loading speed of your site. Some of these optimisations involve installing and setting up a caching plugin, installing and setting up an image optimisation plugin and a few other tweaks. A faster site is a better site for user and Google!

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We will monitor the uptime of your website, ensuring it is always online. If for any reason it is not, we will know right away and get it back online. More information about your website uptime will be included in your monthly client report.

Website Staging Environment

We offer a staging environment for customers on our Business and Premium plans. If you have a website with additional functionality or need to perform some changes to the site, a staging environment is perfect for this. A staging site means you can work on your website and make changes while leaving your live site as it is. Once you are happy with your changes, you can then push those to your live site. Great for testing and development.

Pro Plugins Worth £73.95

With both the business and premium plans, you get access to two very useful and popular premium paid for plugins. The first is Elementor Pro the #1 page builder plugin for WordPress that you can use to design almost anything on your website.

The second is the Perfmatters plugin. This plugins is a premium-only plugin and has no free version. This plugin helps to improve your site's performance and speed in many ways. Although a little technical, you can get some excellent results with this plugin, and we all know that Google loves fast sites. If you were to buy theses yourself, it would cost you £73.95 a year. If you choose our business or premium plans, we will add them for you with our licence and help set them up as well!


If you run WooCommerce on your website, then you will need to select the premium plan. The reason is that your site data is changing all the time with orders. You need to have real-time backups of your website to ensure no orders are lost in the event of a technical issue or hack. WooCommerce also adds to the size of your database and site files. This, in turn, adds to our backup and security resources and storage on the server.

Daily Performance Scans

We will run a weekly performance scan of your site. This tells us how good your site’s performance is in terms of speed. Information about your weekly performance checks will be included in your monthly client report.

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