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We’ve designed our WordPress Care Plans to be affordable and effective. We take the burden of WordPress maintenance away by managing the upkeep of your site for you. With our plans, you get everything you need for your website to be running smoothly, including premium plugins. We can also help set up google analytics and feed this information into your monthly client report. 

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There is a £130 setup fee for the creation of new WordPress websites with your chosen theme.

Contact us if you are looking for a custom theme design.

WordPress Care Plans

Free setup for migrating an existing WordPress website or for setting up ongoing WordPress maintenance only care plan.
*Free SSL certificates are solely provided to sites we host on our server.

The setup fee is a one-off payment required when you choose to have a new WordPress website created in addition to a website care plan.

Setup fees cover the initial work creating your website. From installing performance and security plugins and setting up your monthly maintenance report. If you already have a WordPress website, there is no setup fee, and migration is free!

Are you looking for a custom-designed site? We can do that too from £300!

How long will my care plan take to implement?

After you sign up, we generally have website care plans up and running within 24-48 hours. With all the features of the care plan from regular cloud backups to security monitoring monthly client reports and more. We will guide you through the process and keep in touch, so you know what is happening.

Does it matter what hosting provider I'm using?

We can provide a WordPress care plan to anyone regardless of their hosting provider. We understand that everyone has their own specific needs and budgets. If you would like to upgrade your hosting however then our plans do come with hosting included.

Do you manage WooCommerce websites?

Yes, we do, however, websites with advanced functionality like Woocommerce will require our premium plan. It requires more resources to run smoothly and be kept secure and backed up properly. As a result, we need to ensure we dedicate the right resources to your site via the right WordPress website care plan.

Based on 14 reviews
paul dixon
paul D.
08:28 01 Dec 19
Here at clear view of silverton we are so happy with the work done by thrive wp from start to finish they have been so help nothing was to much trouble and my site is better than ever.
Pop Bang
Pop B.
07:50 01 Oct 19
I was recommended to use this company by a friend. I’ve had a fantastic experience from start to finish. Any adjustments to the website were done in a instant, always got a response pretty much immediately. Amazing service!!!
Pred atron
Pred A.
13:35 19 Sep 19
Very quick and efficient. Extremely happy with the work done. Will certainly use in the future.
10:14 19 Sep 19
Our experience with Gavin has been none short of flawless. Nothing has been too much hassle and he went out of his way to bring our vision to life - being on hand to offer his expertise and suggestions when needed. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Thank You!
Chris Fotheringham
Chris F.
19:45 11 Jul 19
Original site made by Gav, site then updated onto a totally new theme by someone else and Gav still had no bother updating it when required. since then I have both my sites 100% managed by Gav, hes the only web guy I trust
James Howard
James H.
08:11 22 Jun 19
I would highly recommend Gavin at ThriveWP, he designed and hosted my website very quick, nothing was too much trouble and he clearly knows his stuff!
Lee Cheeseman
Lee C.
18:57 05 Jun 19
Kate Bowes
Kate B.
16:32 31 May 19
Gavin's support of the Bedford Park Society's website is exceptional. He's responsive, creative and patient! He takes time to explain everything to help us overcome problems and be more self sufficient. Highly recommended.
Mark Lynch
Mark L.
09:26 31 May 19
Mark Howard
Mark H.
12:09 05 May 19
Great service from GavThe SEO is very good and we therefore are Always on 1st page on google.
Keiron Bradley
Keiron B.
21:22 01 May 19
I can't speak highly enough of ThriveWP who provide the best WordPress maintenance services available. It's fantastic value for money WP website management, the service is first class and Gavin's technical expertise seems endless. My site was in trouble and had been hacked until I moved to a Thrive WP care plan but is now ranking high on page 1, looks better and loads faster. It gives me peace of mind knowing my website maintenance is in such capable hands.
Christopher Riordan
Christopher R.
14:11 01 May 19
Everything you’ll ever need. Take care of everything with results better than we could have ever imagined with service at hand whenever you need it. Not the type of company to leave you in the lurch! Can’t recommend enough.
Callum Stokes
Callum S.
16:30 04 Dec 18
Must say Gav done a excellent job. He has made my website quicker as asked, even edited a few other bits for me.Fantastic support as had one hiccup regarding my email, he answered my support ticket within 10 minutes. It was all sorted within 20 minutes. I so far would defiantly recommend Gav so far for a hassle free website.

Plan Features in More Detail

Your Website Will Be Managed For You 24/7​

Free Powerful VPS Hosting For Your Website

WordPress Hosting that won't leave you in the dark.

You may already have a host you are happy with, and that's not a problem. We can still provide you with our maintenance services. If however, you wish for us to host your site you will be pleasantly surprised. ThriveWP likes to take a different approach; we won't dump you on an oversubscribed server. We also don't expect you to deal with all the technical hosting stuff. ThriveWP's website care plans will never give you server space alone. Our hosting is fully managed; this means we will deal with the technical aspects of both your website and hosting while you focus on your business. From small tasks to design services and eCommerce websites, we cover it all.

WordPress Core Updates Including Plugins & Themes

We will continuously monitor, manage and deploy WordPress software updates, the plugins and themes.

Updates to these are submitted regularly by the developers to improve performance, fix bugs or security issues. These things must be managed and updated periodically to ensure your WordPress website is secure and running smoothly.

We not only keep you updated, but we manage the compatibility of updates and the drama that can, at times, unfold when an update breaks something else. We will test and manage this for you and can instantly restore your site from a backup if the worst does happen. Let us take care of all the WordPress core plugin updates while you get on with your job.

WordPress Database Maintenance

Over time your website’s MySQL database will get filled with unnecessary bulk. This bulk slows down your site and its functionality. We regularly monitor and optimise your database for you.

Spam Comment & Post Revisions Clean-Up

Over time your website will get filled with unnecessary bulk from spam comments and post revisions (when a post is edited, WordPress automatically saves a copy of it so you can roll back to a previous version). This slows down your website and its functionality.

We regularly monitor and optimise your database for you.

Weekly, Daily Or Hourly Cloud Backup of Database & Site Files

We take cloud backups of your websites database, content, pages and structure daily. The backups are sent to a separate server for security and reliability, allowing us to provide one-click restore in the event anything does happen like a hacked site. *We save your backups in 3 different locations for that added security. If you are not hosted with us then it will be 2 locations. We keep a secure cloud version at the time interval noted in your plan, a weekly backup in a separate location and a monthly server side copy.

90 Day Backup Archive

In addition to our daily cloud backups, we also hold a 90-day backup archive. This is especially useful if you have made several changes on your site over time but then want to restore an old version of your website.

With our 90 archives, we can restore your site to its previous state on any given day within those 90 days.

24/7 Security Scans

We keep your website secure 24/7. With the Wordfence plugin, we block rogue login attempts, and spam IP’s trying to hack in. We scan files, folders and plugins for bad code and URLs and code injections.

Detailed Monthly Site Audit Report

Each month we send out a client report to all customers on our WordPress Plans. This report keeps you in touch with what is happening with your site. It will inform you about:

  • When your backups were taken.
  • When and what plugin updates were done.
  • When your core WordPress software was updated.
  • *Your SEO keyword tracking.
  • *Your Uptime over the month.
  • *Your website’s performance.
  • *Link Monitor.
And much more.

*Plan dependent

Responsive Expert Priority Support

We do our very best to ensure our priority support meets your needs, with excellent response times. We try not to talk the jargon and instead provide friendly customer service in layman’s terms. We will always try to help in any way we can after all your happiness is our happiness.

*Free Secure SSL certificate

SSL provides a secure https connection to your site, which is now an important ranking factor for Google. *Certificates are only offered to websites we host on our server.

Website Edit Minutes

Simply submit a support ticket with your required changes and we will sort it for you!

Website edits are small website edits like:

  • Adding, removing or editing website text that you provide.
  • Adding, removing or editing website images that you provide.
  • Adding a page and content you provide.
  • Changing a contact form
  • Or other similar small changes.

If you require more significant edits like a theme change or bigger site overhaul, then this will be charged at our hourly rate. If you have questions about your specific site edit or change needs, please get in touch to discuss this with us.

Daily or Weekly Malware & Vulnerability Scanning

The worst thing about malware is that it could be on your website for months without being detected. We prefer to be vigilant, proactive and run a complete malware check for any known vulnerabilities. With this and our 24/7 security scans, we can make sure your website is as secure as possible. Of course if the worst does happen (often when a customer first comes to us) we can perform complete malware removal as well.

Website Analytics

We provide basic traffic analysis of your sites pageviews and display this in your user reports each month. This isn't as in-depth as something like Google analytics but it will give you a rough idea of traffic coming to your website each month. If you want more accurate data, then we can link your Google Analytics account and feed this information into your monthly report instead. All you need do is let us know.

Speed Improvements

We will do some work on the backend of your website to improve the loading speed of your site. Some of these optimisations involve installing and setting up a caching plugin, installing and setting up an image optimisation plugin and a few other tweaks. A faster site is a better site for user and Google!

SEO Keyword Rank Tracking

On select plans, we provide a keyword tracking service.

This means we can track up to 100 keywords for you so you can keep on top of your SEO efforts and see what’s working and what's not. Your tracked keyword reports will be included in your monthly client report.

Link Monitoring

You may have heard how important links are for ranking websites, well this doesn't just go for gaining links; it also goes for all links on your site. If you have broken links on your site, it's firstly not ideal for ranking or search engine crawling but also not great for user experience. Our link monitor continuously monitors links (up to 10000) on your site and feeds this information into your monthly report. You can then review any broken links on your website and fix them or give us a shout to fix them.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We will monitor the uptime of your website, ensuring it is always online. If for any reason it is not, we will know right away and get it back online. More information about your website uptime will be included in your monthly client report.

Weekly Performance Scans

We will run a weekly performance scan of your site. This tells us how good your site’s performance is in terms of speed. Information about your weekly performance checks will be included in your monthly client report.


If you run WooCommerce on your website, then you will need to select the premium plan. The reason is that WooCommerce adds to the size of your database and site files. This, in turn, adds to our backup and security resources and storage on the server.

In the monthly client report, we will also add all the detailed information you need to know as a business selling items via your website. We will include in your report each month a fully comprehensive overview of your month's finances from WooCommerce. This includes the months gross and net sales, order numbers, item sales, refunds and much more.

Setup Fees

The setup fee is a one-off payment required when you choose to have a new website created and sign up to a plan. This covers the initial work creating your website, adding additional performance and security plugins and setting up your monthly maintenance report. If you already have a WordPress website, there is no setup fee!

Still not sure which plan you need?
We'd be more than happy to have a chat with you to find out what your current requirements are. We will then be able to advise you on the plan that would best fit your needs.