Who Are ThriveWP?


Who Are ThriveWP?

ThriveWP was born out of the need for a no-hassle, reliable and professional website service for non-technical customers. With over 18 years of experience, we have you covered!

Gavin Pedley

“Our customers are our business. Happy customers mean our business is happy”


A world where every business owner can have a website without the worry of managing it.


To manage websites and support businesses to make them more productive and successful.


Deliver results.
Always Learn.
Have fun.


We commit to our craft.
No Jargon.
Go the extra mile.

Who We are & History

ThriveWP is headed by Gavin Pedley, an avid website manager, host, and maintenance provider. With over 20 years of experience in running and managing websites, from simple HTML sites to complex discussion forums and, of course, WordPress.

Gavin, formerly a manager of an autism support centre for 17 years, is no stranger to providing top-quality support and advice in complex situations. Alongside his managerial role, Gavin loved nothing more than learning new things and began tinkering with website software in his spare time.

It wasn’t long before he was running several forums on various software, one of which is still very active today, with over 513,313 posts as we type this. He also ran a multi-forum hosting business for three years before he sold it. This naturally led Gavin down a path to using WordPress for his blog and website, shortly followed by creating websites for family, friends and eventually small local businesses.

This experience in running a business, and managing thousands of posts and members on forums, gave Gavin the skills he needed to start his first WordPress Maintenance and Hosting service. Initially catering to the niche audience on his forum, Gavin grew the business into what you see here today at ThriveWP winning best website management and maintenance provider 2020.

Gavin spends most of his time sharing his expertise and experience via the blog here or by creating informative and helpful WordPress tutorials and guides on Youtube and supporting the customers of ThriveWP. You can take a look at what customers of ThriveWP say about Gavin and the service here.

When not busy managing customer sites, Gavin loves nothing more than spending time running and with his wife and children in Cornwall, which he is delighted to call home.

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Why ThriveWP?

WordPress is a fantastic website platform with many options to extend its functionality with plugins and themes. Great if you know what you are doing or you have hours to spend figuring things out. Most people don’t, and that’s where we come in.

We take away the late nights of Googling how to fix my WordPress website. We take care of plugin and theme updates. We take daily backups and monitor security 24/7.

These tasks are essential for every website to ensure it runs well, works for visitors, and brings in business. For most small businesses, there isn’t time or knowledge. This lack of time often results in broken sites that are not fixable without a lot of work or, worst yet, a site lost altogether due to a lack of backups and security.

We don’t assume you know HTML, PHP or CSS coding and will talk to you and support you with minimal jargon.

We love WordPress and work with it daily. We don’t, however, expect you to. We understand that all you want is for your website to be live and work. You don’t want to know about databases, code, software updates, etc. It’s our job to manage your WordPress website so you can manage your business.

We won’t fob you off with some oversold service or over-hyped features. We are genuinely here to help you.

You put food on our table, as do your customers for you. If we provide an excellent service that provides value to you, then you will be a happy customer, and satisfied customers mean happy us!

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