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WordPress Website Design - Smart WordPress Websites To Grow Your Business

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Are you making it easy for your customers to find you? Our WordPress website design service is the easiest way to launching a new professional website or blog quickly.

We make websites on two web design packages, both of which come as part of our WordPress maintenance service. Already have a website? We can migrate your WordPress website to our service for free.
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Fast turnaround

We use existing tools and frameworks from the best in the industry. This speeds up the design process, saves us time and you money.

Ready in no time
We can get websites up and running in 3-4 weeks (this can vary based on your needs and can sometimes be sooner)

Saving you money

We take care of your website's technical aspects so you can focus on what you are good at.

Saving you time
It's no secret that designing, hosting and managing a website is hard work and time-consuming. We are your website gurus and will save you time by handling everything for you.

Ongoing support

We don't disappear when your website is done - we offer affordable care plans and hosting for your peace of mind.

Support you will love
We offer a full service from design to hosting & ongoing care. We get to know you & your site well. This means our support is top-notch!

A full 360 service

We like to ensure our customers are always looked after. We don't disappear on you after setting up hosting or finishing the design. We want to look after you and your site and give you continued peace of mind with our care plans.

Two plans one focus

To get your website online and provide a great user experience.
Write your content, grow your business, delegate the tech work to us. 
All websites are mobile friendly and responsive.

Basic Website Design From £350

With the basic web design package, we can get your website up and running within two weeks*. We can save time using freely available professional pre-designed WordPress themes and set up your website on our hosting.

As a result, you save money as it works out much cheaper than a custom-designed website. We will install and setup WordPress, install your chosen theme and create the pages you need ready for your content.

- Database creation
- WordPress installation
- WordPress theme installation & setup (including some colour adjustment if needed)
- Pages created ready for **your content.
- We can set up a contact form for you
- Install Google analytics and search console code if needed

*Websites being up and running within two weeks depends on the customer providing timely feedback, information, and communication. The timeline may be extended if needed due to this. This timeline applies to the basic website setup plan only.

**We expect customers to write their own content, we will, of course, adjust as needed, but it is better if you write it. You know your business best, after all!

Custom Site Design From £800

Our Custom package includes a custom design for your website, a unique theme that is one of a kind! This means that we will install a basic blank theme and then build your design on top of that. This essentially means that within your WordPress website, I create six types of templates that make up your whole site layout.

- The website header (top part of your site with logo, menu, etc.)
- The website footer (bottom part of your site with copyright info and links)
- The homepage
- Single page template (any page you create on your site will take on the same layout as this template)
- Single post template (any blog post you create on your website will take on the same design as this template)
- Blog page template (This is the page that lists all your blog posts)

Before we begin with your site's construction, we will need a clear idea of what you are after in the design; this will need to include colours and layout. You can use the six template parts to help you break down what you want from my service.
For example, I want the header to have our logo to the left the menu to the right. I want the header background to be black and the menu links to be white.

You can also send me links to other sites as examples. Pricing for custom design starts at £800 but please do get in touch so we can give you an accurate quote.
As the website owner, it is your responsibility to create the written content, privacy policies, cookie policies and ensure your site is compliant with relevant laws like GDPR.

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Some of our website designs and sites we manage.

Not included in these website design packages

A website domain. We assume that you have already purchased one before we start work with you. If you need to get a domain, we recommend services like Namecheap, GoDaddy or 123Reg

For the basic package, if you decide on a theme that is not free, then you are expected to incur the cost of that theme.

New work outside of what is listed here will incur a charge at our hourly rate.

After We Finish

Once we have finished the construction of your WordPress website design and set everything up, you will fully own your website regardless of which package you choose. We will then continue to host and manage your site for you, including all services from our WordPress maintenance plans.

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