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White Label WordPress Maintenance Services and Care Plans UK

White Label WordPress Care Plans, WordPress Support And Expertise

Outsource the maintenance and support of your client’s WordPress website to us using our white label program.
Our expertise and white label care plans, your brand, win-win!

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Your brand, our expertise

Our white label care plans help you add a recurring profitable revenue stream to your business.

Ready in no time
Order the plan that meets your client's needs, charge them what you wish, and we will take care of their site.

No more sleepless nights

We take care of your customer's site from regular maintenance to security & backups. You take the glory!

Sell care plans as part of your business and outsource it to us!

No hidden costs or contracts

With good margins & discounts, our white label maintenance plans allow you to be flexible & save.

Saving you money
With a generous 20% discount for white label customers, you have an even better margin to earn a regular monthly revenue.

White-label WordPress maintenance services UK

White Label WordPress Maintenance Services and support Plan

For agencies, developers and designers​

Our fully managed white-label WordPress care plans are for agencies and freelancers, big and small.
ThriveWP can provide easy, hands-off maintenance and care plan services for your clients. Not only that, but you will also get a sizable 20% discount. This means you can then sell our plans at our original rate, or in fact, whatever rate you wish.

WordPress Maintenance Services UK

How Does It Work?

You choose a plan based on your client’s needs; we do the rest. You are free to then bill your client for the service at the markup you see fit.
To maintain the relationship between you and your clients, you act as the point of contact between your clients and us, so we only take action on requests to our WordPress support services that come from you.
When you submit a support ticket, we will work with you directly and keep you updated along the way so you can keep your client updated.

White Label WordPress Care Plan Reports

We send weekly or monthly reports to your clients or direct to you to forward on. We can add your logo and information to our reports, and if you choose for us to send them, we can even send them from your email address to ensure a full white-label service.

Our reports are detailed and include everything your client would need in terms of updates about their website and what has been done over the month. From plugin, theme and core software updates we have done to backups and security stats. You can take a look at a sample report below.

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Resell Our Services

ThriveWP is a top-rated WordPress care plan and maintenance service used by many individuals, businesses and agencies. We are incredibly popular with freelancers, marketing specialists, designers, social media experts and SEO's
With ThriveWP, you can now offer an aftercare plan as part of your service. This is great for those looking to expand there services and revenue with little effort. You find the customer, and we provide the service. You invoice your client, and we invoice you. A mutually beneficial service for us both, and the best thing is the client gets an excellent all-round service!

Please take a look at what our customers say about our service below.

What they say

Want to become a White-Label partner?

Simply create your account, then get in touch so we can give your account white label status.
Once this is done, you can order our products; as usual, our billing system does the rest.

20% discount for all white label partners with 2 or more websites

What’s Included In Our White Label WordPress Maintenance Package?

Add as many clients as you want

With your white-label account, you can easily order more plans for your customer sites and have them all under your account. We will keep invoices separate so you can easily add or cancel client plans as needed.

Generous 20% discount

Have 2 or more websites? We offer our white label WordPress care plan customers a 20% discount on all plans you order. The discount happens at the invoice level, so no need for special codes or anything else. You simply create your account with us; first, we then put your account in our white label client group, and you can order plans as you usually would through our site. All invoices will include the 20% discount from our usual prices.

Free staging environment

All our white label WordPress maintenance plans come with a free staging environment. If you are not sure what this Is, let us explain. A staging environment is essentially a copy of your client's site that you can work on while leaving their website live. You can use the staging site to test new designs or functions before pushing it live to the public.

WordPress theme updates​

The purpose of WordPress themes is to make your website look and function in a certain way. They do still need regular updates, though. Updates ensure they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress and fix bugs.

Out of date themes will limit the security and performance of your website. We manage WordPress updates for you. This includes testing a new update before it is implemented to avoid an update breaking your website.

WordPress backups

The WordPress core platform is very stable, but that should not mean that it is invincible. If your website gets hacked or happens to go down, our daily backups will save you from a lot of stress. If you don’t have backups to fall back on, you may find that you lose all your hard work.

Not only this, but you will also have to rebuild your site from scratch. Daily database backups are hugely important and should never be something you overlook. Our WordPress team can take care of this admin task for you.

WordPress core updates

WordPress is a rapidly growing platform. Developers are always adding new features and security patches. When the core software is out-of-date, your website will become less stable and secure.

This instability will mean that your site will not perform as well as it could. The result is a poor user experience and likely a drop in ranking on major search engines. ThriveWP ensures your site is always up to date.​

WordPress plugins updates

The core plugins for WordPress will add many more features to your site. They will help you do various things, such as creating forms and adding more visual effects.

If an author updates a plugin, we will update it on your site. Keeping plugins updated ensures that you are not open to security vulnerabilities. Plugin updates may also bring new and improved features. That said, updates can also break things when on autopilot, that's why we don't just auto-update things. We run a visual regression test to ensure the update went without a hitch.​

Next-level security

We use industry-leading tools and services to keep your site save, secure and hack free. Our security system not only scans daily for any security issues but also includes a firewall, fake login attempt logging and blocks, and malware removal if needed.
All customers using our white label services get the same level of security as our individual customers, the very best!

"I am so happy with the service that ThriveWP is providing my company. I highly recommend this service."

Dr Antonio G. Farruggia-Bochnak

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