The importance of WordPress website care and maintenance

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If you know ThriveWP you know that we are dedicated to helping our customers business get online. You are excellent at what you do! And you shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining your WordPress website on a regular basis. That’s where we do what we are good at!

Having a website for your business is a necessity these days and something not to be overlooked. Websites though need ongoing maintenance. Here are four top WordPress maintenance tips.

Take buying a car for example, do you buy a car expecting it to take care of itself? Would you buy one and take no care of it hoping that it will continue to work? No, you have regular services and MOT checks to hopefully avoid a big costly repair or worse your car being destroyed!

It’s much the same with a website, yes on the face of it once your site is up and running, it looks pretty and functions as you expect (so did your car when you got it) but as with cars your website needs constant care.

Website Down


Security for your WordPress website is incredibly important.

One hack or security breach could hurt your reputation, damage your search engine rankings, your domain authority and can be very expensive to recover from a hack if you actually do recover! Google now also put some ranking weight on HTTPS connections


You should have backups of your site at least once a week, these backups should include all your site files and database.

Backups can literally save you if a plugin, theme or WordPress update crashes your site, if you get locked out or if you ever do get hacked.

Ideally, you should have a couple of backup systems in place.

ThriveWP does a server-side backup of your website as well as an offsite backup daily. So in the unfortunate event things go wrong we can quickly get your site back online with safe clean code.


WordPress and any website software for that matter need regularly updating in order to ensure your site keeps functioning at its highest level and maintains security. Software updates don’t stop at your site either.

Your server account needs to be kept up to date with the latest code and database updates.


Technology is constantly evolving.

Browsers and search engines improve and update continuously so ensuring everything is kept up to date is hugely important for everything to function as it should. Keeping database versions up to date, ensuring PHP versions are up to date to take advantage of improvements in code and security.

Occasionally updates can freeze or break something or end up with your site locked on a blank white page other times plugin or theme updates can break something.

WordPress maintenance plan helps you avoid downtime and fixes all these issues.

We can not stress enough how important having managed WordPress hosting is for your website and business. It is not good enough to just throw a site up with a set it and forget it attitude. Your site just won’t perform and at worst will break in which case all the work put in to get it up is lost!

If you go for a $2 host then you better know what you are doing or expect to be climbing a very steep learning curve.

They will likely only give you space on their server. They will expect you to create and maintain the database for your website, and will often expect you to deal with software issues. With cheap hosts, all you are really paying for is in effect the parking space for your site.

Learn more about WordPress website maintenance with our 10 reasons why WordPress support and maintenance makes sense.

importance of good WordPress maintenance


ThriveWP are professionals who specialize in WordPress website maintenance as well as website design and managed WordPress hosting.

We have the knowledge of WordPress and servers to create and maintain your website.

Let us do what we are good at while you focus on what you are good at.

We provide everything mentioned above and much more with our WordPress Management Service.

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