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CEO of Dyslexic Brain Coach

Company: Dyslexic Brain Coach

Service: Website maintenance & web design

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Client Story

Two years ago I spent days searching the internet for a company to take care of my website security, update plugins, make changes to the appearance of my sites, and to give me ongoing support and advice when needed.

I spent days searching for a good company to do all of the above for me. I read lots of sales pages, about pages, and also made contact with several of the companies that I thought would be able to take care of my needs. However, none of them were exactly what I was looking for as I wanted to be able to pick up the phone and call someone for support when I needed it (obviously during office hours).

I spotted ThriveWP quite by chance and read their website very carefully. I sent a message asking if I could speak to someone in the team and I received a call from Gavin the CEO of the company. Within five minutes of talking with Gavin I put the phone down and signed up for the premium service. I now have six websites under ThriveWP’s care plan and I’ve been delighted with the service that is provided. ThriveWP has also built my coaching website for me to the exact design that I wanted.

I know that this might sound a bit cliche, but since handing over all of the management of my website to ThriveWP, I have freed up so much time for me to get on with the important stuff that I want to do like coaching clients. Also, I used to really hate backing up the website and updating plugins and I’d get quite stressed about it – now it’s all taken care of for me by Gavin and his team.

If you are thinking of using ThriveWP I can personally vouch for them and I can’t recommend this company to you enough – they are an excellent company, very professional but with that very personal touch!

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