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Looking for a new WordPress host or want us to provide you with our outstanding WordPress maintenance service and would prefer to have everything with one service? We can provide you with WordPress Migration for free to our service. 

We can transfer your WordPress site, including the migration of your WordPress database and files to our server, implement our maintenance services and more with minimal disruption to your website and visitors.

Want to use a new domain name as well? No problem we can do that with minimal fuss.


WordPress Care Plans

We've Got Your Back With Our WordPress Migration Service

Once you have moved your site over to us, our service doesn’t stop there. We will then ensure your website is running at its best every day of the week. From security monitoring to updates to plugins, themes and of course, WordPress Core Updates as well. 

We believe in providing a service that covers all areas of your business website so you can sit back and relax, spend more time with the family or developing your business further.

Have a personal blog? That’s fine we can still manage your site for you leaving you to use all your time on writing great content. 

Get started with our WordPress Migration service today!