Different Maintenance Services Offered by WordPress

31st January 2023

Maintenance Services

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that allows anyone to create
and manage a website or blog. It is based on PHP and MySQL and is used by millions of
websites worldwide. Unlike most CMS, WordPress is easy to use and customise, providing a
wide range of features and plugins for users to choose from at their disposal. It is a powerful
platform for creating websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores. WordPress also performs various
maintenance tasks to ensure the website runs smoothly. Some of these include the following:

General Troubleshooting

All WordPress websites are bound to experience issues from time to time. WordPress users can
use the built-in troubleshooting tools to identify and resolve problems. This includes checking for
updates, debugging code, and fixing errors. By extension, this also includes monitoring website

For example, users can check for plugin conflicts or server-related issues if the website is
running slow. Additionally, users can use plugins to clean up the database and optimise the

code. Alternatively, users can use the WordPress API to customise the website to their needs if
they want to build a custom feature.

Maintains Fundamental WordPress Updates

WordPress maintenance involves maintaining essential updates, which is necessary to keep
your website secure, functional, and up-to-date. WordPress core updates are released regularly
and should be applied as soon as possible to ensure the website is safe from potential security
threats. Additionally, WordPress plugins and themes should be regularly updated to be
compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
These updates are also vital for ensuring that the website runs optimally and provides the best
user experience. By running the latest version of WordPress and its related plugins and themes,
users can ensure that the website runs as smoothly as possible.

Maintains Plugins

WordPress plugins are essential for adding features and functionality to a website. They should
be regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version and update to the
latest security patches. Additionally, plugins should be tested periodically to ensure they are
functioning correctly and not causing any conflicts or other issues.

Allowing the Modification of Themes

WordPress theme modification may seem simple, but it can be challenging to manage without a
good understanding of the WordPress platform. If a user is unfamiliar with the platform, they
may make changes that could break the website. WordPress themes should be handled with
care, and users should avoid making any changes they are unsure of. It is always best to
consult a professional if a user is uncertain about how to modify a theme.

Daily Website Backups

Regular website backups are conducted to ensure that all data is safe and secure. Backups
should be done daily and stored on a separate server or in the cloud. This ensures that the
website can be recovered in an emergency, such as a server crash or malware attack.
Conversely, these backups should be tested regularly to ensure they can be restored.

Malware and Security Scanning

Malware and security scanning is essential to protect a website from malicious attacks.
Scanning should be done regularly, and any suspicious activity should be investigated and
resolved quickly. Additionally, users should ensure their website is always running the latest
security patches and software updates to reduce the risk of attack.

Website Downtime Assistance

WordPress is a powerful platform, but it can be vulnerable to downtime. If a website
experiences downtime, diagnosing and fixing the issue can be difficult. To reduce the risk of
downtime, users should ensure their website is always running the latest version of WordPress,
as well as any necessary plugins and themes. If a website experiences downtime, users should
contact their hosting provider for assistance.
Consequently, uptime monitoring is also done to ensure that a website runs smoothly and is
available to users. Uptime monitoring can be done manually or through a third-party service.
The monitoring service will scan the website regularly and alert the user if the website is down.
This allows the user to take corrective action quickly and reduce downtime.

Speed and Database Optimization

WordPress websites can become slow and sluggish over time. To optimise a website’s speed
and performance, users should regularly clean up their database, delete unused plugins and
themes, and use caching plugins to reduce page load times. Additionally, users should optimise
their images for the web, as large images can slow down a website.


WordPress maintenance is necessary for any website, especially if you want to keep it running
smoothly and efficiently. Since it can be challenging to keep up with all the maintenance tasks,
you must have a plan involving a more extensive scope. This way, your website can be
optimised for speed and performance.

If you are looking for WordPress maintenance plans in the UK, Thrive WP can help you! Using
WordPress is challenging, so we offer comprehensive care packages to ensure your efforts will
not be harmed for affordable prices. Call us today at 07949281978 and allow us to help you!

Gavin Pedley

Gavin Pedley

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