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WordPress website services for small businesses and startups including free hosting, support, 24/7 security monitoring and protection and website management – no fixed contract, pay monthly only £45 a month

ThriveWP provides a comprehensive range of WordPress website services and ongoing pay monthly care and support plans, security and small business website management at unbeatable low prices.

Our small business web design prices start at only £350 for WordPress website creation and set-up and include free hosting. Perfect for established local businesses wanting a redesign or a first website for startup companies.

Free WordPress Hosting + Free Website Migration

If you already have a website and want our pay monthly website management services. We give you FREE managed WordPress hosting and FREE site migration. This means we will move your WordPress website to our UK based servers and provide hosting – all for FREE!

ThriveWP website services mean your site is secure, protected and monitored around the clock with fantastic extra features. Our WordPress website management plans are the best and most affordable in the UK. And remember, our web support and WordPress maintenance is a pay monthly service with no fixed-term contracts.

Small Business Website Design

Why your small business needs professional website management

For small business owners, your website is the most important and effective means of promoting your company, attracting inquiries, developing new customers and generating income. There is no better way of ensuring sustainable, long term business growth.

Therefore, it is essential that a small business web design is attractive and easy for potential customers to navigate, find the information or products they want and give you their custom, make a purchase, or contact you.
It is equally vital that customers feel comfortable using a website where their personal information is safe and secure.
Encrypted websites with an SSL certificate in force have the prefix HTTPS. This became a ranking factor back in 2014 and became even more critical in 2017 when Google Chrome and Firefox browsers began highlighting unsafe sites as ‘NOT SECURE’ as shown in the images below.

WordPress Secure Login Error
Secure Login Error Screenshot
Chrome HTTPS Secure Connection
Google Chrome Not Secure Connection Notice

Many small business owners believe they are too small to be the target of a hacker and fail to take website protection seriously. The reality is most cyber attacks are automated, and IF YOU TAKE PAYMENTS FOR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES OR EMPLOY STAFF THEN, YOU DO HAVE INFORMATION HACKERS WANT.

And as a small business website owner, you are legally obliged to protect this information. Hackers want credit card details, names, addresses, staff National Insurance numbers and more.

According to Small Business Trends magazine and website:

  • 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses
  • 48* of data security breaches are caused by malicious intent with human error or system failure accounting for the rest
  • 60% of small companies go out of business within six months of a successful cyber attack

Our web management service for small businesses and startups includes:

  • FREE SEO site and content optimisation.
  • FREE hosting on UK based servers.
  • FREE site migration.
  • FREE SSL certificate to keep customer data encrypted and safe.
  • Installation of security measures to keep your site protected against hacking, malware and other cyber threats.
  • 24/7 security monitoring.
  • Malware and vulnerability scanning.
  • Full site backup meaning your website can be immediately restored at any time.
  • Detailed monthly management reports.
  • Speed optimisation.
  • Database optimisation.
  • SEO keyword rank tracking.
  • WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin updates.
  • Content editing.
  • Fast expert technical support.

Woocommerce WordPress Website Management Care Plans

Woocommerce is the WordPress version of e-commerce sites that allow you to set up an online store, showcase and sell your products, take orders, payments, and all the other online store features you require.

Why choose WordPress woocommerce for your small business?

WordPress is the world’s leading content management system (CMS), powering sites by prominent brand names like Sony, Toyota, BBC America and many more. As of 2019, 37% of all online stores use woocommerce. It is a highly customisable and adaptable platform with many many designs and layout options with which to display products.

Its many features include:

  • Multiple payment gateways allowing you to take customer payments, including PayPal, BACS and cash on delivery.
  • Apply free or flat rate postage and shipping.
  • Incorporate local taxes into the order.
  • Able to sell downloadable and physical goods.
  • Reports and information on sales, inventory, orders, performance of shop and reviews.
  • Ability to discount, promote and upsell specific products.

SEO friendly

WordPress woocommerce websites are recognised for their built-in search engine optimisation features that help boost your ranking in search results on Google, Bing and other search engines. These include adding detailed product descriptions, metadata and organising categories.

Our website services include customised small business web design, WordPress hosting and website management for WooCommerce businesses and online stores.

Our premium website management plan for woocommerce sites is available for only £65.00 per month, including necessary uptime monitoring and performance scanning. As an online store owner, it’s essential that your store is running fast and accessible to visitors.

Our uptime monitoring not only monitors uptime (visible live to the public) of your site but it also alerts us if your site does go down, and we can get it back up as soon as possible to avoid missed orders.

Small Business Web Design

ThriveWP are highly experienced website designers and specialise in responsive small business web design for local businesses, startups and online sales. Our custom-built web design options start at only £800, and that includes:

  • Free WordPress hosting on UK servers for faster, safer websites (a Google ranking factor)
  • Free SSL certificate for encrypting all traffic and customer data (Google ranking factor)
  • SEO content and on-page optimisation for higher ranking in search results
  • Mobile-friendly web design for use on all devices includes phones, tablets and laptops (another ranking factor and the most important since Google introduced mobile-first indexing in 2018).

We tailor our web design for small business to your particular needs and provide attractive, user-friendly websites to promote your business in the most positive way.

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