How Does White Label Work?

Our white-label service works by you choosing a plan from us based on your WordPress client’s needs. You can bill your client for the service at the markup you see fit.

White Label plans come with a 20% discount on listed prices on our prices page here.

To maintain the relationship between you and your clients, you act as the point of contact between your clients and us, so we only take action on requests for our WordPress support services that come from you.
When you submit a support ticket, we will work with you directly and keep you updated along the way so you can then keep your client updated.

Your customers would contact you for support, and you pass that on to us.

We do the day-to-day maintenance, including backups, security, updates etc., and we manage this on an ongoing basis. We will require an admin account on the client’s site so that we can link our tools and provide our service.  
We send monthly reports which show everything we have done over the month. This report can be branded with your logo and either sent to you to forward to the client or, with your permission, we can send it from your business email address directly to your client.