First Month Expectations

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At ThriveWP we provide clear timelines and schedules for everything that we do.

Your blog articles are scheduled for the same day each week. We confirm the day for you when your paid plan starts.

We optimize your entire site within the first month. This is reliant on us getting site access. We do ask for it when you join, so please make sure that it is provided when requested. 😄

Common Questions

Q: Why are my rankings dropping or fluctuating? Is this your fault?

A: No, your rankings will fluctuate regularly. Google usually works 2-3 weeks behind anything that’s optimized or acquired, so your rankings would have been the same with or without our service for the first month. It’s important to give SEO time. As we start adjusting things and creating content, it isn’t uncommon to see a drop or for rankings to go up and down for a little while. As long as we publish our content, optimize your site, and acquire links, we will do well. We usually expect to see a positive trend in the third month.

Q: Your content isn’t what I am looking for; what can I do?

A: We have a detailed content preference form that you can fill out here. We write great technical content, but it’s important that we have context into what you are looking for. 😄