8 of the Best WordPress Themes That Redefine Intuitive

20th April 2021

Best WordPress Themes

Through careful advertising and SEO work, you managed to get people to your site. The last thing you want is for them to leave your site because it’s hard to navigate.

Your WordPress theme can make or break your website. A bad website can cost you potential customers. A good one can grow your audience and your customer base. 

Want a WordPress theme that will keep your visitors on your website for longer? Keep reading to learn all about the best WordPress themes that help make a good and intuitive website, how to use WordPress themes, and 8 examples of the best WordPress themes for 2021. 

What Makes a WordPress Theme Intuitive?

So, what separates a fantastic website from a mediocre one? A great website is intuitive to navigate and draws the reader in. 

It seems obvious, but if you are selling a product, the product should be easy to buy. Further, the products should be aesthetically lined up and tagged by category. Users should be able to click through different tags to find what they want.

For blogs and portfolios, the product is you. If you send a recruiter or talent scout to your website, they should be greeted with your name and picture, examples of your work, and a link to your resume. Don’t waste their time by making the links inconvenient. 

Lastly, your website theme should be clean and modern while still representing your brand. The better your website looks, the more time people will spend on it. 

The Best WordPress Themes

Ready to start your new website or redesign an old one? Here are some of the best WordPress themes for different purposes, including portfolios, businesses, online stores, and blogs.

1. Portfolio: Zubin

The Zubin Photography WordPress theme from Catch Themes is perfect for photography portfolio websites. This theme is clean and crisp. Additionally, it is fully functional on mobile devices.

Effortlessly display your photos in the grid. After seeing your work, clients are sure to click on your contact page found in the navigation bar. 

2. Portfolio: Mifo

This Mifo WordPress Theme is great for a freelance portfolio. It’s uncomplicated with plenty of options to add a blog or a store.

With this theme, your “About” section is simple to find and read. Guests on your site can explore the navigation bar to find examples of your previous work, displayed with no distracting frills.  

3. Online Store: Artemis

Want a modern-looking design for your online store? Look no further than the Artemis theme

Artemis is sleek and is best suited for clothing items. Your pieces will pop on the white background. Customers can seamlessly switch back and forth between their cart and your product line.

4. Online Store: Peakshops

Peakshops is a whole collection of themes for online storefronts. This theme can be easily customized to fit a range of different businesses, including clothing, accessories, and health and food products.

No matter your store’s product, it will be beautifully showcased with this theme. By customizing the fonts and color scheme, this theme will reflect your brand in no time.  

5. Business/Service: Guto Lite

Guto Lite is a fun, modern theme for your WordPress site. This theme would work great for start-up companies and businesses. However, with a little bit of customization, it could also work for blogs and portfolios. 

Guto Lite is quick to navigate and easy on the eyes. Prospective clients can easily scroll through the site to learn about your business and the services you offer. More so, the theme looks fresh and is bound to catch the eye of many future customers.  

6. Business/Service: Nifty

The Nifty WordPress Theme will wow your customers and future clients. This theme is stunning while still being accessible. 

Visitors will be drawn in with bold colors and text. To access more info and content, a navigation menu at the top folds down with more options. 

7. Blog: Mik Personal Lite

The Mik Personal Lite theme from Shark Themes is a simplistic, yet beautiful, theme for your blog. 

This theme is fast and easy to navigate. You can easily separate your blog posts by category and create a navigation menu on the top of the page with a search bar. With this theme, showcase your blog posts with a picture to make them more attractive. 

8. Blog: Dreamla

Dreamla is perfect for any blogger. The design is clean and chic and can be customized to suit your blog topic. For instance, fashion blogs might like the fashion template, as it is slightly more minimal and focused on pictures.

How to Install WordPress Themes

Now that you’ve seen these impressive themes, the next step is picking and installing your favorite. 

For a new WordPress website, go into your account after putting in your WordPress login. From there, go to appearance and click on themes. After that, you can click through different themes or install your own from another website.

For existing WordPress websites, the process of changing themes is a bit more difficult. A popular way of updating sites is by creating a staging website with the new theme and then publishing the site and switching the domain over once you are finished. 

Don’t risk crashing your existing website. Reach out to a professional at ThriveWP to help you with this transition!

Choosing an Intuitive WordPress Theme for You

In our current digital age, websites are essential to any brand. Let your website help your business rather than hinder it by choosing one of the best WordPress themes available.

There is a WordPress theme for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that every WordPress theme out there is intuitive. 

For help designing your WordPress website or support for your existing website, contact us at ThriveWP. 

Gavin Pedley

Gavin Pedley

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Gavin regularly shares his expertise via the ThriveWP blog and Youtube channel, where he creates informative and helpful WordPress tutorial videos.

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