AMP A Faster Mobile Web

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP accelerated mobile pages is finally upon us. A project led by Google to dramatically improve the speed of your website pages loading time on mobile devices.

The great news is all our customers will have this capability as of next week.

Customers don’t have to do anything as AMP works automatically, loading a lightning-fast version of your posts. This means readers will get your content even faster on mobile when they come to your site from Google search.

Want to see what it looks like? Simply open this post on your mobile device and at the end of the URL add /amp and this post will be served via amp.

Speed matters these days and AMP is trying to improve this for mobile users. You can learn more about AMP here

For now, enjoy the faster-loading posts on your websites!

The first release of this WordPress plugin on customers sites only supports posts currently but pages will come further down the line.

Wondering why your posts don’t seem to be faster? AMP is something that we as users can’t control.

We put the functionality in place but then it is essentially up to Google to take advantage of this and serve your posts via AMP

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